Our 2035 decarbonisation mission

We want to be 100% green in the way we think, act and invest.

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Our commitment to sustainable decarbonisation

We are a decarbonisation platform dedicated to offering innovative solutions for reducing carbon footprints. Our mission is to guide businesses toward a more sustainable world through responsible energy choices. With our extensive portfolio of Goodbrands, we offer a one-stop-shop that seamlessly incorporates clean and renewable sources into transportation fleets, effectively reducing carbon emissions.
Similar to Darwin's finches, we adapt to remain at the forefront of the energy and decarbonisation landscape. Committed to a sustainable future, our experts will navigate you through this intricate journey, empowering you to make well-informed decisions.

At FincoEnergies, we envision a world where carbon footprints are significantly reduced, and the environmental impact of heavy transportation is alleviated. We firmly believe in the potential of innovation, adaptation, and collaboration to drive this transformation.

We invite you to embark on a journey toward a brighter future for generations to come.

Our guiding principles


Our commitment lies in offering sustainable energy solutions that have a positive impact on both the environment and society.


We continuously adjust and innovate to align with the changing requirements of the decarbonisation landscape.


We believe that collaborating with our partners and clients is key to driving impactful change in the energy sector.

Overview of our certifications

Commitment to ongoing improvement

Gold Medal in EcoVadis ESG Rating 

EcoVadis, the world’s largest and trusted leader in business sustainability assessments, has recognized our dedication to sustainability by ranking us within the top 7% of sustainable companies globally in 2023. 


The EcoVadis Sustainability Rating is a thorough evaluation of a company's dedication to integrating Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles into its business and management practices implementation. 


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CO2 Performance Ladder Level 3 Certification 

FincoEnergies is the first sustainable fuels company to attain Level 3 certification on the CO2 Performance Ladder. This means we have rigorously mapped our own carbon footprint, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the emissions associated with our organisation and processes. This enabled us to reduce our carbon emissions with 40%.


CO2 Performance Ladder Level 3 Certification 

International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) Certification 

ISCC believes that sustainable supply chains are crucial to fight the most severe impacts of the climate crisis. Since greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are major contributors to climate change, we also consider the identification and reduction of GHG emissions as an important part of our work.




Our journey

Decade of transformative growth

Our story began at a kitchen table in 2013. Founders Peter Nohlmans and Jan-Willem van der Velden started from scratch, building not only a business but also an organization that would become the dynamic and ambitious company we are today. Early on, they made strategic moves, i.e. acquiring a terminal in Amsterdam and securing a majority interest in wholesaler Dalhuisen. These were bold steps, backed by a team of specialists who shared their adventurous spirit. Together, they laid the foundation upon which FincoEnergies would grow. 

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Shifting Focus: Sustainability and Carbon Reduction

With each passing year, our company flourished. New faces joined our ranks, our management team grew stronger. We ventured into new territories, taking over several marine activities. Staff functions were established to ensure efficiency and excellence in every aspect of our business. Our expansion into Switzerland and Germany was a testament to our ambition. FincoEnergies became increasingly visible on the global stage. 


As we approached the end of the last decade, our focus shifted towards sustainability and carbon reduction. It was a pivotal moment in our journey. The acquisition of GoodFuels and GoodShipping not only expanded our horizons, but also accelerated our commitment to creating a better world. This period laid the foundation for our current role as pioneers in the energy transition with a lead in decarbonization solutions. 


Unfinished Story: Opportunities Ahead for a Sustainable Future

Today, we stand as a powerful and determined company, where the old and new seamlessly blend together. The kitchen table has been replaced by beautiful offices. We have extended our presence to Singapore, completed initial deliveries in the United States, and embarked on new ventures, including bio-methanol and biomass, to broaden and diversify our range of services.
Sustainable ambitions

Our commitment to the UN Sustainability Goals

Founded in 2013, FincoEnergies embodies a commitment to driving change in the energy landscape. Our DNA is woven with a dedication to sustainability, reflected in our evolving strategies aligned with the UN Sustainability Goals (SDGs). These goals are the compass guiding our actions. We focus on Affordable & Clean Energy (Goal 7), Responsible Consumption & Production (Goal 12), Climate Action (Goal 13), and Life on Land (Goal 15) in everything we do.


As part of our enduring dedication, our sustainability aspirations are integral to our financial structure. Our credit facility is intricately tied to these ambitions, solidifying our stance as frontrunners in the energy transition. We understand that change demands integrated dedication – it’s not just about what we do but how we do it. Join us in shaping a future where sustainable energy isn’t just a goal, but a reality we actively create.


Organisation overview

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FincoEnergies was founded by Coloured Finches, an energy investment company that holds the majority of the shares. Together with the investment company Pontex Investment Partners and the management investment program, they form a very committed group of shareholders.

Executive Leadership Team


Let’s build a sustainable future together

We are more than just an energy platform; we stand as an ambitious and pioneering company, driven by a shared vision to transform the future of energy. Our team comprises experts from diverse backgrounds, bringing together a wealth of knowledge and fostering a truly international vibe.


When you join us, you become part of an exciting journey towards a more sustainable world.

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