Decarbonise now

Empowering a sustainable future

We believe that we have a responsibility to combat climate change. Decarbonisation is crucial for saving our planet. By reducing carbon emissions, we can mitigate the impacts of global warming and ensure a habitable world for future generations.

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How to start a journey

A step-by-step guide to decarbonisation

1. Calculating

Understand your footprint. Calculate the amount of greenhouse gas emissions your operations generate.

2. Reducing

Implement efficiency measures. Implement energy-efficient practices, invest in new machinery, encourage behavioral changes among employees.

3. Replacing

Transition to low-carbon alternatives and renewable energy sources. Replace fossil fuels by sustainable alternatives.

4. Insetting

Opt for carbon insetting to effectively reduce your transportation emissions without the need for supply chain alterations. We facilitate a switch from fossil fuel to sustainable biofuels through an innovative concept called GoodShipping carbon insetting. With an independent third-party audit, we guarantee the fulfillment of your decarbonization goals.

5. Offsetting

Invest in high impact carbon credit projects to compensate for your truly unavoidable emissions.

6. Communicating

Share your efforts. Highlight the steps you have taken to calculate, reduce, replace and invest in carbon reduction initiatives.

Our decarbonisation journey

In 2019 we mapped the CO2 footprint of our own processes and started to reduce emissions, We were the first sustainable fuels company to be certified at Level 3 of the system we used: CO2 Performance Ladder. We have developed a working CO2 management system for our own organisation and projects, which has already saved the first 40%. Because we are working towards a CO2 neutral company in 2030, our next step is a 50% reduction in 2025.  For this we have set up an ambitious programme to achieve this.This is an overview of our journey:


View the results of the CO2-Performance Ladder over the years here:

CO2-Performance Ladder 2022
• CO2-Performance Ladder first half 2022

 CO2-Performance Ladder 2021
 CO2-Performance Ladder first half 2021
 CO2-Performance Ladder 2020
 CO2-Performance Ladder first half 2020
 CO2-Performance Ladder 2019