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Driving the future of mobility

We are one of the frontrunners in the distribution and supply of advanced and sustainable biofuels, different blends and traditional products. Thanks to our solid distribution network, we serve 20% of the Dutch inland fuel market, expanding our activities into Germany.

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How are we driving a sustainable future?

To pave the way for a better world for future generations, we place a strong emphasis on increasing the share of low-carbon fuels within our portfolio. We recognize that the future is now, and our product line spans from B7 to our truly sustainable GoodFuels product range. Our bio-based products are sourced from a variety of certified waste and residue streams, all of which are either ISCC certified or approved by our GoodFuels Sustainability Board. Additionally, we have taken our first steps into the field of offering power solutions.


What sets us apart is our ability to provide comprehensive decarbonisation services, including Renewable Energy Units and scope 3 carbon road credits, offered through our sustainable GoodShipping brand. For insights into the full range of possibilities within our one-stop-shop, consult with our expert road advisors.

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Our road products 

We believe that every customer has unique energy requirements, and we are here to meet them all. From resellers seeking reliable energy sources to farmers tending to our soil, we serve a diverse range of users and segments across the Netherlands. 

How does fuel blending reduce CO2?




Replacing fossil fuels

We develop, source, and sell low-carbon fuels focusing on the reduction of CO2 and NOx emissions. This is our current fuel program and their indicative CO2 emission reduction

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Replacing fossil fuels with GoodFuels

GoodFuels sustainable biofuels

GoodFuels sustainable biofuels enable a well-to-exhaust CO2 reduction for road traffic of up to 90% when compared to fossil fuels. Offered in 20% blends up to 100%, these low-carbon renewable fuels are used in existing road engines for direct decarbonisation of all road transport modalities. Its feedstocks are certified as 100% waste or residue and are approved by an independent sustainability board. 
GoodFuels product guarantees 
• Waste and residue-based only 

• No competition with food 

• No direct or indirect land use change 

• No deforestation or biodiversity loss 
• No negative social or legal impacts 


The sustainable background of our road fuels