Annual report

Annual Report 2022

26 September 2023 - 10 minutes read
Annual Report 2022 Annual Report 2022

FincoEnergies annual report 2022 for download.

We proudly present our Annual Report 2022. Our 4th edition.

Whoever does business, forms chains. Feedstock chains, supply chains, production chains – products and services pass through many links, before they reach the end consumer. Chains vary in complexity, but the goal is circularity: reusing materials, minimizing waste, and upholding human, environmental, and ethical rights.

This Annual Report showcases our involvement in such chains, from South Africa's solution to CO2 credits and sustainable shipping projects. Our organization's rapid development emphasizes responsibility, both internally and in society. We're committed to reducing CO2 emissions, fostering a diverse and fair workplace, and collaborating ethically. Sustaining the health and fairness of every circle in which FincoEnergies operates requires vigilance. This report demonstrates how we're becoming a versatile energy company, transforming chains into value chains.

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Annual report 2022


“Ideally, each chain should be circular, and everyone within is responsible for guaranteeing the right of people, nature and the environment.”

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