Annual report

Annual Report 2023

19 June 2024 - 10 minutes read
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FincoEnergies annual report 2023 for download.

Our Annual Report 2023 is here, filled with thrilling updates and progress! This edition is all about our advancements in sustainability and our readiness for the new CSRD requirements.


We're dedicated to creating a better world and this report showcases our ongoing commitment. Discover how we're transforming our practices and staying ahead of the curve in sustainability and ethical standards.


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“Strengthening our coreis the path to growth, where every aspect of our customer service, organisation, and operations align to deliver our brand promise. It’s about simplifying our processes, embracing new technologies, and ensuring adaptability. This journey isn’t just a short-term effort; it’s a marathon, unlocking FincoEnergies’ full potential. Let’s leap forward with confidence, knowing that our ground work will pave the way for our success.”

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