FincoEnergies encourages road customers to achieve their decarbonisation goals with GoodShipping insetting services

26 October 2023 - 2 minutes read
FincoEnergies road FincoEnergies road

Our brand GoodShipping – also known as the leading carbon insetting brand in marine since 2017 - announced the expansion of its reputable decarbonisation services to road transportation. With this expansion, cargo owners can now decarbonise scope 3 emissions within their supply chain. 

GoodShipping insetting services  

GoodShipping facilitates a seamless fuel switch from fossil fuels to sustainable biofuels in road transportation. This is based on the mass balance approach – the concept that all carbon is emitted into the same atmosphere. Any carrier running on biofuel is a reduction of fossil fuel emissions in the atmosphere. Therefore, it doesn’t matter which carrier runs on biofuel. To ensure correct carbon reduction allocation to our customers, we collaborate with an independent third-party verification partner to review procedures and calculation methods.   


Decarbonise your supply chain  

Switching from traditional fuels to sustainable biofuels is the first step in decarbonising the (heavy) road transportation industry. Cargo owners can refuel their vehicles with sustainable biofuels, such as HVO, without modifying the motor or the fuelling infrastructure. If cargo owners do not own the means of transport to move their freight, it’s also possible to decarbonise their supply chain through GoodShipping’ insetting services. In this way, cargo owners receive CO2e credits, bringing them closer to their sustainability goals and demonstrating their commitment to reducing scope 3 emissions. At the same time, they also contribute to the adoption of sustainable biofuels.   


Driving to a sustainable future  

Are you ready to make a sustainable change on the road? Switch to sustainable biofuels or decarbonise your scope 3 emissions via our GoodShipping insetting service. Curious what we can do for you? Please contact our road experts and let’s contribute to a better world together.    


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