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ChangeXL also known as Diesel Green is a fuel improver based on the XBEE enzyme technology and can be added to any fuel. The natural enzymes act as biocatalysts and ensure a molecular change in the fuel. This results in a more complete combustion, which leads to increased engine efficiency, lower emissions, and improved fuel consumption. In addition, the use of it reduces maintenance costs of the entire fuel system, from (storage) tank to engine due to its cleansing effect. 
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Exploring the positive impacts

Benefits of our fuel improver

Cleans fuel systems from tanks to engines

  • Breaks down contaminants such as sludge, water and bacteria and gradually dissolves them in the fuel  


  • Gradually breaks down carbon deposits in the engines  

Reduces emissions

  • Up to 10% CO₂ reduction  


  • Up to 20% NOx reduction  


  • Up to 40% reduction of soot and particulate matter 

Reduces costs

  • Up to 10% fuel savings 


  • Extends the lifespan of tanks, filters, separators, injection systems, engines, engine oil and exhaust systems  


  • Prevents micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi and yeasts)  


  • Enables longer service intervals due to the extended lifetime of the engine oil  

About the fuel

ChangeXL (Diesel Green) contains a mixture of natural enzymes that act as biocatalysts. These enzymes split, weaken and rearrange complex and long fuel molecules. This biochemical process, scientifically known as catalysis, creates a stable, less complex fuel mixture that is saturated with oxygen. As a result, the fuel burns better and more complete and the quality is maintained during long-term storage. Because of the better and more complete combustion, the emission of CO, NOx, soot and particulate matter is considerably lower. 


When enzymes are added to fuel, they help to break down the large hydrocarbons, or molecules, that the fuel may contain. These hydrocarbons can be difficult for an engine to burn completely, which can lead to incomplete combustion and the production of soot and particulate matter. The enzymes work by breaking these large hydrocarbons down into smaller molecules that can be burned more easily. This can improve the combustion process, resulting in a more complete burn, which can lead to increased engine efficiency, lower emissions, and improved fuel economy.  

Additionally, the enzymes solve problems with contaminants, such as bacteria, fungi, yeasts and deposits, that can accumulate in fuel tanks and systems. These contaminants can build up over time and cause problems like corrosion, clogging of filters, and the production of sludge, leading to decreased efficiency and even engine damage. It helps to prevent these microorganisms from growing. This results in cleaner fuel, ensuring cleaner storage tanks without sediments and longer fuel storage life. 
Standard fuel is sensitive to aging and microbial growth. The special thing about enzymes is that they not only change the properties of fuel in a positive way, they also continue to work throughout the entire fuel chain. This way, ChangeXL cleans fuel systems from tanks to engines 

Why is this fuel different?

Reliable and unique

  • ChangeXL (Diesel Green) complies with all international fuel standards and has a solid track record of successful use in various sectors and industries. 

  • The enzyme technology is biological and contains no chemical components, metals or ash. It contains 99,5% pure n-paraffin and 0,5% enzyme concentrate extracted from tree leaves.  

  • The enzymes in the product remain active throughout the fuel chain.

  • The enzymes clean the entire fuel system, not just some parts of it. 
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Why should I use this fuel?

ChangeXL has many advantages. It gradually cleans the entire fuel system from tanks to engines. Organic contaminants such as sludge, water and bacteria in the tank and carbon deposits in the engine are broken down and dissolved. The enzyme technology breaks down water and prevents bacterial problems caused by microorganisms. This ensures cleaner fuel and cleaner storage tanks with less sediment and possibility of longer storage of fuel. 


This product saves costs by extending the lifespan of tanks, filters, separators, injection systems, engines, engine oil and exhaust systems. Because the engine oil remains in good condition, longer service intervals are possible. 


It provides fuel savings up to 10%. Due to the improved fuel quality, there is more continuity and less downtime. In addition to the improved operational performance and cost savings, ChangeXL also offers significant environmental benefits. It reduces CO₂ up to 10%, NOx up to 20% and soot and particulate matter up to 40%. 

What are the benefits of the product?

ChangeXL is an improved fuel that burns more completely and efficiently, resulting in lower fuel consumption, lower emissions, lower maintenance costs, better performance, and longer engine oil and fuel storage life. 


All advantages of it at a glance: 


  • Saves fuel 

The enzymes optimize the combustion process in engines, making it more complete and efficient. This leads to a significantly lower fuel consumption. 


  • Reduces the emission of harmful gases and soot 

By optimizing the combustion process, emissions of harmful gases and soot are significantly reduced. 


  • Has a cetane-increasing effect and increases engine power 

Has a cetane-increasing effect when burned, so the fuel burns faster and more efficiently and provides more power. 


  • Cleans fuel systems from tanks to engines
    Enzyme technology breaks down contaminants such as sludge, water and bacteria and gradually dissolves them in the fuel and coal deposits in the engines are gradually degraded. 


  • Reduces maintenance costs 

A clean system, stable fuel and an optimal combustion process contribute to lower maintenance costs and extend the lifespan of tanks, filters, separators, injection systems and engines. 


  • Allows longer service intervals due to longer engine oil life 

A clean system, stable fuel and an optimal combustion process contribute to longer service intervals and extend the life of engine oil. 


  • Prevents organic contaminants due to the elimination of microorganisms 

Micro-organics are made harmless and gradually dissolve. This prevents fuel problems and thus blocking of filters, damage and downtime. 


  • Longer storage life of fuel 

The enzymes optimize the fuel and keep it in top condition so that the fuel can be kept for a long time. Ideal when you do not use your fuel supply, machine or vehicle for a longer period of time. 


  • Breaks down water in the fuel 

The enzymes break the surface tension between water molecules so that they are gradually dissolved in tiny particles. 

Why is ChangeXL different from other (premium) fuels?

ChangeXL is different because it uses XBEE® enzyme technology. This is a biotechnology that is different from any other fuel additive, whether it is a chemical or biobased product. Enzyme technology optimises ChangeXL fuels at the molecular level to improve fuel quality at an elementary level. 


Chemicals can only slightly improve some fuel parameters, such as the cetane number, but this is not effective in all engines. The optimized molecular structure of it improves combustion in all engines, regardless of the brand, model or application. 


Many chemical additives are toxic and often contain disputable petrochemical components. These components are often harmful to the environment and they can also cause serious storage and engine problems. Chemical additives can also contain metals. Metals always form ash during combustion, which can be very damaging to exhaust systems. 


The enzyme technology does not contain any chemical components, metals or ash. It is made from enzymes extracted from tree leaves. 


There are also additives that contain a biocide to eliminate bacteria in fuels. These biocides are often chlorine based. They work very effectively, but they are also toxic. Biocides kill bacteria but do not dispose them. Dead micro-organisms will settle at the bottom of your tank, where it forms a layer in which specific (so-called anaerobic) bacteria thrive and can damage your tank with the extremely acids they produce. 


The enzymes in ChangeXL eliminate all micro-organisms (bacteria, yeasts and moulds) by breaking them down and gradually dissolving them in the fuel. 

How long does it take before the enzyme technology works?
As soon as the enzymes are present in the fuel, they start their work. The molecular conversion of the fuel mixture (catalysis) is completed within a few hours under normal conditions. The enzymes also start immediately with the cleaning of the fuel system and the engine(s). 
How long can I store it?

The enzymes optimize and stabilize the fuel that preserves them for a very long time. Although no official tests have been carried out to precisely determine this long-term storage period, our experience is that fuel can be perfectly stored for years. Depending on the storage conditions, there is no reason that the fuel deteriorates because the enzymes continue to work actively in the fuel. 

Is enzyme technology dangerous or flammable?
Enzyme technology is not covered by the legislation and regulations for transport, storage and handling of hazardous substances. The product is not highly flammable (flash point> 80 ° C) and is even shipped worldwide by air. 
What does ChangeXL do with (condensed) water in the fuel?
The enzymes break down water into miniscule particles. These particles are dissolved in the fuel and transported to the engine. In the engine, these small water molecules provide a cetane-increasing effect because they burst apart just before the fuel itself burns. This effect of mini explosions is a well-known scientific phenomenon and is called 'micro-puffing'. The degradation and removal of the water ensures a better condition of the fuel (and removes the nutrient medium for microorganisms), more engine power and more efficient combustion. 
What is the influence of the enzymes on engine oil?
The enzymes improve fuel quality and combustion. The cleaner and more complete combustion of ChangeXL ensures a longer life for engine oil, less production of soot, and therefore less soot in engine oil. 

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Simone Biessels
Business Manager ChangeXL